Genus issue 24 Review and Download

Good Vibrations by Paul Kidd & Mitch Beiro

Takes us to the Pima Race track for a little Grav-cycle action, where a female biker would do anything and anything to make the male contestations beg for anything she was willing to give them. Only to win in the end. The art is fantastic, like the story completely over the top and pure fun.

Dix the Electric Cat by Ann’s 440

Isn’t it a shame just as your having sex with an andriod the batteries for it’s penis need to be replaced. Corny, short and
very funny

Video Grab by Joe Rosales

Right in the midst of this couple foreplay it seems the video they are playing is a comedy and his partner laughs so loud you can just forget about sex.

Don’t you hate when that happens

Terri the Squirrel by Karri Aronen

Squirrel going through the woods to grandma’s only to get her pussy eaten by a wolf. I really like this one.

Collars and Cuffs by Robin Lane, Dennis Clark & Joyceanna Brock

During a CPR class this police officer think jacking off with revive someone. Made no sense to me.

Don & Kat by Karri Aronen

A guy gives his girlfriend a sex toy, she then starts beating him with it. That is when we find out this is a sex comic and the 4 guys around the artist are making suggestions. Pretty good I say.

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