Genus issue 28 Review and Download

Hard Sell by Kurt Wilken & Fudeno Kuromaku

It starts out with a male and female salespeople literally running into one another on the streets and switching sales kits. It seems she sells lacy undergarments and he sells insurance and they wind up at the same address. Soon he is modeling a thong, and the 3 women there go on the attack. It ends with her back at her company both tired and strangely satisfied. Absolutely wonderful.

Treed by Robin Lane, Dennis Clark & Joyceanna Brock

A piece about how a pair of officers rescue a bird dog from a tree. The female officer later gets stuck hanging upside down out of a window with the animal locked in her arms. In fact the only thing good about this is the scene in the ladies locker room at the police station and they are all standing around naked.

Desert Storms part 2 by Michael Hirtes & Dean Lee Norton

Our wannabe female recruit for a sheik’s harem gets caught in hot lesbian love with huge dildos. But takes an interesting turn when all of this is secretly photographed by a photographer. Really just that interesting.

The Comment by Dutch

This couple is in the middle of an argument, about her tits. One bad remark later she is a sleep and him being frustrated like the reader.

You can both view and download Genus 28 here