Goon Dust Love Book Three: The Yellow House by Daniel Carter Review

The story of Michael and Elaine continues in The Yellow House by by Daniel Carter.

The Yellow House was a total delight to read. Here Michael and Elaine went through hardships only to find a 2nd home. This extended family cared for one another and all they want in return is help to maintain there home. As the story evolved a wolf among their number invites them to another home. Where Michael discovers the biggest collection of porn he ever seen but was too embarrassed to even look at. Really the only other major event was them filling out grant forms, which Michael seemed to back away saying he didn’t need to go to college as he wanted to be a cop.

The Yellow House is a real stand out from the series. If you want something that isn’t one drama on top of another. About 2 young adults that you care about, The Yellow House is it.

The next and last book entitled “Environmental Terrorism” has left me wondering on multiple points. Let’s just say I am curious how does it end?

So how do I rate it a very solid 10 out of 10 and here is why. It was such a delight to read, if you look at some of the books I have been reviewing of late. I really needed a break and The Yellow House was it. I honestly would like to thank Daniel Carter for what has been an interesting series to read.

You can but them here from Rabbit Effect Press