Talk of Fame – The Problem with Furry Populism on Writesaber

I was going through my Twitter feed, when I found the following article on Popufurs on Writesaber. Which itself is an excellent blog that only features commentaries from it’s creator Hugo R Jackson who is a brilliant commentator really nails it on his posts.

But I want to talk about one in particular Talk of Fame – The Problem with Furry Populism, in other words PopuFurs.

A subject either we hate, don’t understand, or even wonder what are they?

Hugo R Jackson explains this topic brilliantly.

The complete article is HERE

When I say ‘problem’, it’s less in the sense of ‘people shouldn’t be allowed to do that’ and more that ‘when there are no limits to the content we create for ourselves

Then he gets into where furries can be found and how some of us will do ANYTHING, just to be more popular. The man is only commenting what we see everyday on social media, and frankly I agree with everything that was said.

So I encourage you to check it out HERE