Wasn’t That Special: Perri Prinz vs. Deo Taz Devil

Aftering reading the post Perri Prinz made on Deo Taz Devil I feel like I experienced some heavyweight boxing match rather than an argument in ideology IE the other looks at the world we live in. Me I am a neutral, I try to stay in the middle ground when I can. But considering what both have posted social media this butting of heads was bound to happen, each believing the other is 100% wrong. I am not going to argue who was right and who was wrong, mainly because I hadn’t even made my mind up who the winner is….maybe that means no one won.

Given how there has been so much drama in the fandom of late, frankly to see how little this has effected cons like Anthrocon is really surprising. Except for a couple of incidents Anthrocon had less problems this year than they did last year by some reports. Really as much as furries like to gossip on social media and of how popular Anthrocon has become. Ask yourself this…have you see anything major reported. I hadn’t and I am all over social media.

One of the best lines I have heard anyone say on this matter was on G+ when someone at Anthrocon reported hearing another furry saying to another, “You leave that crap at the door, no one cares. They are here to have fun”.

I am not saying all these problems don’t exist, just I would like to strangle whomever wrote that press release for RMFC and the reasons why is simple. Blame everyone else for your problems, and take no responsibility for your own actions. Even the COB of RMFC issued a counter press release blaming lack of oversight is why the con closed and no one else.

It seems everyone wants to play the blame game these days. Have a little backbone will you.

Yes I agree the fandom has issues.

Furries are people too, whatever issues you have in RL you bring into the fandom with you.

Do we have…I don’t think I better say more than that. Just this and to quote Rodney King, “Why can’t we just get along”.

I invite Deo Taz Devil to contact me if they have something to say…and if they want it posted it will be posted…unedited.