Furversion issue 06 Review and Download

Furverted Info by Kylm Granger

Covers what was going on in the fandom back in 1988 other fanzines, art and what conventions were taking place. Interesting to see what was going on back then.

Special Feature by Noel Tominack

Tells of what work the author has been up to, makes you wonder if he is still doing furry tuff.

We’re All Bozos on This Bus by Kay Shapero

Tells of an imaginative journey to the stars with different alien races. Very well done. In the end they get drunk and have sex.

Featured Furry featuring Granger Starcat and Klym Granger

Which I can only assume is a preview to a work in progress of some kind.

Escape part 1 by Sharon Von Otter

Tells of a project to give animals the same intelligence as humans. and of what went wrong. I could get into more detail but I have no idea if any other parts still survive to this day.

Caught in The Act by Celon The Fox

Which is a nice story of a sexual encounter and food is definitely involved in the plot. Really a bit of fun.

The Seat of The Problem by Sylys Sable

Yet another story about s exual encounter and a lot of corny butt jokes. Okay at best.

The issue is filled with art that is for the most part good. Some of the work in NSFW.

You can find Furversion issue 06 here