A Question of Furry History

With the upcoming release of

Which is suppose to be a history the furry fandom. Mind you I am not dissing the author without reading the book first, when it finally comes out. I am just wondering what it will actually include. Speaking as someone who just placed his big toe so to speak in looking at furry history. I swear the history of the furry fandom has more twists and turns than a really good mystery. In fact in the days of Pre Internet, and the sudden boom of the fandom. Literally and this is not a joke, we go from dozens to 100s in a gathering literally overnight. I have yet to see a good explanation of why this occurred. For example the very 1st Confurence, one of the really first furcons. It’s first gathering and I got this from eyewitness accounts. They had 21 people show up, and 1 comic book dealer and that it. The gathering only lasted less than 3 hours. Then explain to me why the very next year they had over 200 and roughly 21 dealers, and the con lasting your normal 3 days.

It doesn’t make any sense to me either.

The rise of furry fanzines is easier to explain than the wearing of fursuits. Really I have seen photos of fursuits that pre date the very 1st con by more than 10 years. Best I can figure the sudden rise in the fandom started in the 1970s, and Disney’s Robin Hood was definitely one of the reasons. But not the only factor.

Like I stated many times before I was not there and really can’t get more than a few greymuzzles to admit they were there at the very start of the fandom.

It seems by the late 1980s the furry fandom was an underground movement. Why this happened, I can only guess because I really don’t know.

Furry Nation from my understanding is 1 of 4 books that is suppose to come out both this year and next that covers the fandom. But will it truly cover the history? and will it be truthful? Take the rarely talked about darker side of the fandom. In fact I have found more rumor than truth on The Burned Furs as well as the Furry Raiders. To this date I have not seen an unbiased report on either group. It’s not like I am supporting them. I am just wondering why they were there to begin with, and was it true that the Burned Furs actually took over a furcon? I have seen conflicting reports on that.

Well anyway looks like we are going to have to wait until we see when the book is released.