Anthrocon is a boon to Pittsburgh with charity work and public outreach

I love little things you just don’t don’t hear about is reporting

This year, the convention is sponsoring free HIV testing at Planned Parenthood and at the convention center as well as raising money for a local charity. In addition, organizers worked with local businesses to establish fursuit-friendly cruises on the Gateway Clipper and coupons for meals at Downtown restaurants. The convention brings millions of dollars to the local economy each year.

Every year since Anthrocon’s inception, the convention has raised money for a local charity through raffles, auctions and events. Since coming to Pittsburgh in 2006, they have raised more than $200,000. Charity director Brian Harris said they look for animal-oriented charities no more than 60 miles from the city so they can bring animals to the convention. They have a running list of options, but also receive requests from interested nonprofits.

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